Ace Generator Face Parts

Yes, I’ve finally started working on Face parts. I know it has taken me a while, possibly too long.


You can find these parts on this page.

I’m also in the process of recolouring all the red hairs for faces and making them orange, to match my sprite recolours. It might take me a little while longer, though.


Even More Generator Parts

I’ve updated the add-on page once again, this time with headgear! You can take a look at them here.

Also, I’ve updated a file in last month’s upload. Since I’m sure most of you won’t want to re-download another folder just for one image, here’s the image I fixed:

New Content for VX Ace Generator

I’ve added some sprite parts to add to VX Ace’s built-in generator. You can click here to see the page, or click the link up in the top-right corner. There’s also a tutorial on how to added these pieces to your generator for use. Enjoy!

And now I’m finally going to bed for the night.

Update on Recent Things

I’ve worked hard trying to get some sprite pieces done for VX Ace’s generator, and I hope it’ll be helpful to people. I’m aiming to have it all ready by the 14th, so you won’t have to wait too long.

Meanwhile, I’ve made a new page for generator parts, as well as a tutorial on where to put them when you download. I will put the sprite parts there when I finish them, and I’ll be sure to make a new post about it, so there won’t be(as much) confusion about where to find them. :)

Also, I recently made a banner for Lunariffic Creations. If you have a blog, and can find the space for this banner, I’d certainly appreciate the support!