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Just some stuff I’ve forgotten to upload in the past.


RTP Succubus

I know it’s been a while since I posted, so here’s something I made a little while ago. It’s pretty much the same as the Mack-sized Succubi I made. I know Enterbrain already made/included succubi sprites, but I find that these match the battlers a lot more.


Diagonal Two-Tile Sprite Base Beta

Well, that was a lot more work than necessary. ._.; The next time I decide to make a sprite base, I’ll just have to remind myself of this and how much frustration it caused me. Oh well, as long as it’s finished.


And I realise that I’ll have to make a child base sometime in the future , but I’m staying as far away from that as possible for now … >.>

(I’m really glad I can now start making sprites with these bases.)

New Content for VX Ace Generator

I’ve added some sprite parts to add to VX Ace’s built-in generator. You can click here to see the page, or click the link up in the top-right corner. There’s also a tutorial on how to added these pieces to your generator for use. Enjoy!

And now I’m finally going to bed for the night.

RPG Maker VX Ace is coming!

For those who don’t know, RPG Maker VX Ace has been out in Japan since December 15th. The release date for the official English translation is March 15th. This won’t change much for this blog, since VX Ace uses the same resources as VX, so if you want VX Ace and the resources I’ve made, there’s no need to worry! Just import them the same way as usual.

This release also brings about a new idea for me. Ace comes with a generator for faces and sprites. While faces aren’t really my strong point, I have decided that I will take some of my sprites and set them up for the generator, so you can make more unique sprites. I’ll start working on this soon to have some of them available for when the English translation is released.

I’ll be changing some things in the blog, as well, to reflect the fact that everything here can be used in both RMVX and RMVXAce.

And, just so this post doesn’t seem pointless to some of you, here’s another demon maid sprite:

Remember to put $ in front of the file name.

Demon Maid

Work is keeping me really, really busy lately, so I haven’t had much of a chance to create anything new. However, I was able to whip something up a in couple of hours. I just took the maid outfit and stuck it on one of the demon(oni) sprites that Famitsu released on their blog. I’m thinking of taking the maid animations that came with the VX Ace RTP and sticking that on her, too. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve decided that I like playing monster dress-up. Expect more of this in the future.