Lack of Updates

I’m sorry for not posting anything lately. I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve just been keeping myself busy with other things, including a project I’m making in RMVX Ace. I’m in the process of making some more generator parts based off RTP Actor sprites, just hang tight for a little while. I’ll definitely have it up before the end of the month.


Statue Edits

I recently(today) thought about something that I’d like to use in a project that I’m working on in VX Ace. I also thought about how many versions I could make. This is just a small edit(angel statue tile + orb charset). There are two files: one has statues holding orbs, and the other is holding nothing, just in case you want to make the orb an item for the player to take.

Enjoy! ~

Diagonal Two-Tile Sprite Base Beta

Well, that was a lot more work than necessary. ._.; The next time I decide to make a sprite base, I’ll just have to remind myself of this and how much frustration it caused me. Oh well, as long as it’s finished.


And I realise that I’ll have to make a child base sometime in the future , but I’m staying as far away from that as possible for now … >.>

(I’m really glad I can now start making sprites with these bases.)

Cry of the Fox Sprites Have Been Moved!

I’ve moved all the sprites I made for the RMVX project, “Cry of the Fox”, over to RMC’s blog. I also added a bunch more that I was given permission to post. If you want to check it out, the link is here.

Also, for those that don’t know, RPG Maker Collective blog is run by people covering pretty much all aspects of VX/Ace, so if you’re looking for something specific, be sure to check it out! There is a banner leading to the site under “Links” in the sidebar.

New Content for VX Ace Generator

I’ve added some sprite parts to add to VX Ace’s built-in generator. You can click here to see the page, or click the link up in the top-right corner. There’s also a tutorial on how to added these pieces to your generator for use. Enjoy!

And now I’m finally going to bed for the night.