Lack of Updates

I’m sorry for not posting anything lately. I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve just been keeping myself busy with other things, including a project I’m making in RMVX Ace. I’m in the process of making some more generator parts based off RTP Actor sprites, just hang tight for a little while. I’ll definitely have it up before the end of the month.


Update on Recent Things

I’ve worked hard trying to get some sprite pieces done for VX Ace’s generator, and I hope it’ll be helpful to people. I’m aiming to have it all ready by the 14th, so you won’t have to wait too long.

Meanwhile, I’ve made a new page for generator parts, as well as a tutorial on where to put them when you download. I will put the sprite parts there when I finish them, and I’ll be sure to make a new post about it, so there won’t be(as much) confusion about where to find them. :)

Also, I recently made a banner for Lunariffic Creations. If you have a blog, and can find the space for this banner, I’d certainly appreciate the support!


RPG Maker VX Ace is coming!

For those who don’t know, RPG Maker VX Ace has been out in Japan since December 15th. The release date for the official English translation is March 15th. This won’t change much for this blog, since VX Ace uses the same resources as VX, so if you want VX Ace and the resources I’ve made, there’s no need to worry! Just import them the same way as usual.

This release also brings about a new idea for me. Ace comes with a generator for faces and sprites. While faces aren’t really my strong point, I have decided that I will take some of my sprites and set them up for the generator, so you can make more unique sprites. I’ll start working on this soon to have some of them available for when the English translation is released.

I’ll be changing some things in the blog, as well, to reflect the fact that everything here can be used in both RMVX and RMVXAce.

And, just so this post doesn’t seem pointless to some of you, here’s another demon maid sprite:

Remember to put $ in front of the file name.

Playing “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D”

I bought “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” a few days ago, and started playing it soon after buying it. Like many people, I consider “Ocarina of Time” one of my very favourite games(not only that, I also consider “The Legend of Zelda” my favourite game series). Continue reading