Ace Generator Face Parts

Yes, I’ve finally started working on Face parts. I know it has taken me a while, possibly too long.


You can find these parts on this page.

I’m also in the process of recolouring all the red hairs for faces and making them orange, to match my sprite recolours. It might take me a little while longer, though.


3 responses to “Ace Generator Face Parts

  1. Hi, I’m planning to finally make my game a commercial one and I’m using some of your generator parts. You can contact me on the email provided in this comment for discussing this. That’s my first commercial project so I don’t know how it really works out but I hope you won’t mind me using your awesome work , it helped me a lot so far ^^.
    Have a nice day, I’m looking forward to have news from you! ^^

    • You are welcome to use anything I make for the generator for your commercial use, as long as I am credited. I also wouldn’t mind a copy/demo of your project if you ever get it out. :>

      • I already planned to give a free copy to anyone who contributed with anything for my project so be sure you’ll get one as soon as I finished this :).
        I can send you some demo when I’m a bit more advanced in the game if you wish, just let me know. Thanks for your help :)

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