The Lion’s Legacy: Setting.

Hello, this is Sander again with some news about The Lion’s Legacy. As you know the game is still in early preproduction but I have been writing away on the storyline. At the moment this is storyline seems finished. So I figured it was a good time to reveal some details. I’ll start with setting:

This story is set in a country called Deongrad. Deongrad is divided into 12 territories. There used to be 13 but the 13th which was the Academy of Magic declared independence. This is because the school was targeted during a war between the heirs of the Lionthrone. The House of Lions rules over Deongrad and the other houses. They are undisputed in their right to rule. But currently a dispute over which of the two heirs has the right to the throne split the remaining 11 lords in half. One side follows the sweet but naïve daughter Caliope while others favour her ambitious and intelligent twinbrother Rufus. In this country the young mage Ludwig and heir to a House himself has to travel from his hometown to the Academy. This road will be the focus of part 1 of the story while part 2 focuses more on the aspect of who inherits the throne of Deongrad. This is mirrored in the title. In very early production this game was titled “The Road” but as time went on and the story expanded we renamed it more fittingly “The Lion’s Legacy”. This game will not be a long game but it will be thick with story.


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